Punjab State Weekly Lottery Result News?

Every year there is the Punjab State Weekly Lottery Result in India that is being held. The lotery makes a lot of people very glad if they won the lotery. Everyone could be playing together. One single ticket is 200 Indian rupees worth. But where could you buy those lotteries tickets in India (Punjab) ? In this article we will announce the WINNERS of the Punjab State Weekly Lottery Result. Right on this page! This post is updated

The winner prizes are:

1st prize = 1.5 crore
2st prize = 8 Lakh
Other prizes: 4.5 lakhs , 2 lakh, 1 lakh, 50 thousand Rs. and more.

Punjab State Weekly Lottery Result online

Be very quick, hurry up.. Because this is your last chance to win a lot of MONEY. Buy here your LOTERY ONLINE and the chance is big, that you will WIN the first prize of 1.5 Crore Indian Rupees!

Punjab State Weekly Lottery

You can try your LUCK right here on this website of www.punjabimovies.org. We will provide you all the details of the winners of this lotery, who have won the prize? What the lucky numbers are and more!

This time of game is active since the year is 1968. It has been organised and created by the Punjab government. Like other big countries America, France and some other countries in the Europe. India is also playing this game! Do you have any questions related to this article about the game of PUNJAB? Let us know trough the comments section. We will respond to you within 24 hours.

And even this year of 2016 the national lotery of Punjab will be playing against the players!  So once again, buy your online tickets here and improve your game skills! After your game, you could check here your live online results of punjab state weekly lottery results!

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