Privacy Policy

On this page you will find the full privacy policy for the website, things like dart cookies, advertisements and third part links will be handled.

Dart Cookies

Google analytics is the only tool that we use to report and increase our visitors on our website. The main goal is to track the visitors, where they came from? Which places and more.

Things we collect are:

Tracking information of the visitors
User experience (information to improve)
E-mail Addresses (trough software or Feedburner)
Comments of our visitors

Other cookies and history

If you don’t like our website for some reasons, you can delete every page of our website in your own browser history. Just go to your settings page and remove everything from our site. There is also an option to block our site.

When you are visiting our site, there will be automatically making some cookies. More info about this, just contact us.

Google Products we use:

We use some products of Google, which are a part of our website. One of them are Google Adsense and Google Analytics. The other products are Webmaster Tools and Feedburner.

Some very nice tools for our website to improve!


Sometimes we are able to linking to other websites, when we think the link of a website is useful and is bringing value to the visitor, the link will be placed on the specific page or post.

If you got some questions, feedback or suggestion for our website? We are very happy to hear that from you! Please do not wait and hire us, trough the e-mail (coming soon).

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