Babbu Maan Wife Name Child Family and Marriage

In this article we will discuss about Babbu Maan wife name (real) and family child and even his marriage. But first of all, Babbu Maan is not his real name. The official name of the singer is ”Tejinder Singh”. He was born in Fatehgard, which is a village in Punjab (India). The singer began his career in 1998 with the album Sajan Rumal The Giya. He was the youngest child among two sisters Rupi and Jassi and the only son of Babu Singh Maan (Senior).

Information about Babbu Maan wife name

Babbu Maan was very much fond of playing music since his childhood. He was born on 18 March (1975). A lot of people think he is married to a punjabi wife, But that’s not true! He even don’t have kids.

He would see everything with the eyes of music as even to play with pans to create rhythmic sounds. He learned how to write lyrics, at college (Punjab University Chandigarh) when he was about 16, and all those circumstances were taking him to be a super star.

Babbu Maan wife

After that he started singing and composing music and so on. Sukhwinder is his favorite singer and he love to listen Sukhwinder. The singer has just released his new film which is called Desi Romeos. The film is an incredible success in the film industry. One of his competitors in the punjabi entertainment industry is Amrinder Gill wife and Diljit Dosanjh.

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Babbu Maan marriage, kids and real wife name are not published online by the public!

Information about the singer babbu maan wife name and actor :

  • Real Name : Tejinder Singh
  • Active since : Year of 1998
  • Genre : Bhangra Music and Romantic Music
  • Music Labels : T-series and Point-Zero

The Filmography :

  • Hawayein (2003)
  • Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean (2006)
  • Hashar The Love Story (2008)
  • Ekam (2010)
  • Hero Hitler In Love (2011)
  • Desi Romeos (2012)

The singer and actor is affiliated with the following labels : T-Series, Point Zero and Cartrack. He published a lot of albums in his career. Babbu Maan marriage wife family and real name is not well known by the public.

We are trying to inform you his status in life. For more information keep visiting this page and we hope to hear your reaction below in the comments.

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136 Responses to “Babbu Maan Wife Name Child Family and Marriage”

  1. Manjindera Sheer

    Jul 13. 2015

    WOW, Nice veere. I like your attitude and style of singing and acting. Great, best of luck with your wife and family members.

    Hope you can bring another film either.

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  2. Rahul

    Aug 04. 2015

    Big fan of babbu maan Saab

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    • Avtar Singh

      Aug 05. 2015

      Hello Rahul,

      Thanks for your comment on, what’s your favorite song of Babbu Maan?

      Reply to this comment
  3. Mk dhillon

    Aug 14. 2015

    Ghaint glbt maan 22 g
    .me thodi boht bdi fan aa
    I like ur style of singing very much ….

    Reply to this comment
    • Avtar Singh

      Aug 17. 2015

      Hi MK Dhillon,

      Thanks for your answer. We all like the style of singing of Babbu Maan. My personal most favourite song of him is ‘Mittran di chatri’.

      Reply to this comment
      • Amrit

        Nov 02. 2015

        Ssa.maansaab mm thoda fan a ji kyunki mainu lagda k tusi ik star singer baad wich ho te ik good,nic insaan phela ho

        Reply to this comment
    • Jivan Dhaliwal

      Mar 03. 2016

      Gud ji mai v bahut bda fan aa ji Babbu y

      Reply to this comment
  4. laddi dugri

    Aug 25. 2015

    babbu maan veer g u r my favorite i like u very much

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  5. jalandharia

    Aug 26. 2015

    babbu Mann married as kitty dhaul NAL.she is a llb wali penji.
    babbu Mann de do betiya be. ik da janm 2015 CH hoya hai Canada vich.

    Reply to this comment
    • Avtar Singh

      Sep 04. 2015

      Hello Jalandharia, Thanks for your information. Could you confirm this information? Please give us some trustfull sources.

      Reply to this comment
    • Jassa Rajput

      Sep 04. 2016

      He’s the only living legend,so we can’t campare him to others cause he’s alrounder 🙏

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  6. harjeet

    Aug 26. 2015

    i love u ji somuch ursinging u r passion of singing song .its full of pain in heart as u must have felt what love is

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    • Avtar Singh

      Sep 04. 2015

      Hi Harjeet, That’s correct. Babbu Maan got really an amazing voice. I think the best singer we have at this moment of Punjab!

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  7. Rajveer mehiton

    Sep 02. 2015

    sat shree akal maan saab mein thonu 1998 to hi sunda aa riha te mere kol thode saare hi song ne jo mein hamesha sunda rehna rabb thode seer te eda hi hath rakhe

    Reply to this comment
    • Avtar Singh

      Sep 04. 2015

      Hi Rajveer, Thanks for your beautiful words. We hope you can meet Babbu Maan Again ofcourse.

      Reply to this comment
  8. AMol. 1980

    Sep 06. 2015

    Hi Everybody,I m also d fan of babbu.What is the behind reason of not showing about his married life.Ok,That his personal life m affcourse he have own rights.But I think if he declare about his marriage the fans will be happy more thn of luck.Thanks.0

    Reply to this comment
    • Avtar Singh

      Sep 09. 2015

      Hello Amol, Yes i think the same. If you could update us from more information. We would be happy.

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  9. Harman ghuਮਾਨ

    Sep 07. 2015

    i am big fan of BABBU MAAN . you r my favourite singer

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    • Avtar Singh

      Feb 07. 2016

      YEAH, we are too a big fan of this singer and actor.

      Why do you think , what he is making a great singer?

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  10. anil

    Sep 08. 2015

    attt maaaaaan

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  11. Name (required)

    Sep 11. 2015

    att sira ta lok karvounde me maan saab ta kalje fookda

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    • Avtar Singh

      Sep 12. 2015

      Thanks Brar saab, for your comment about the one and only BabbuMaan

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  12. manmohan

    Sep 16. 2015

    mein ehi sunya hai ki babbu Mann ne ik gareeb ramgarhia ghar di kuri jisda name rupinder kaur dhaul/kitty dhaul age in 2015 is around 40. 41 yrs old NAL hoya aa.
    kudi khanne to belong kardi c par usdi mother es wele mohali CH 2 kamra rasoi CH kiraye the rehndi hai.
    babbu de do betiyan ne

    ik da naam anona hai
    dusri Jo esi saal paida hoyi hai USDA name nahi rakya he.

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  13. hunish Goyal

    Sep 30. 2015

    Babbu maan ne saare geet bahut Vadiya gaiye ne rabb chardi kla vich range

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  14. Ravi verma

    Nov 02. 2015

    22 ji tuhda bht wada faan aa ji mai . Rab tuhnu bht bht tarke dave

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  15. Ranjeet rana

    Nov 06. 2015

    Yaar fan Khantwale Maan Saab Daaaaa

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  16. mandeep singh sandhu

    Dec 23. 2015

    SSA Babbu Maan Bai G apa shuru to e thwade bohat wadde fan a bai g apa thwade saare gaane sune a bohat e wadhiya songs aur lyrics aa sab bai g apa bombay to a thwanu full support krde a apa ek gaana ve likhya va thwade utte jidan tv te aya thwada gaana pehla gounga apa thwanu milan nu ve taras de a bai g u r alwayzzgrt for me rab thanu hamesha chardi kla ch rakhe gbu lbu babbu maan saab ji ♥♥

    Reply to this comment

    Dec 28. 2015

    am your big big fan dil nalo baddi fan hu.plz ek vari paonta sahib gurudwara jrur ayo tussi……plz.. plz…

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  18. Simar

    Jan 02. 2016

    Ssa babbu maan ji . Mai tujadi bht bdi fan han . Te tuhadi awaj bht hi rooh nu touch karan wali hai. Ik gal hor unj tan tusi aidan b ghaintt lgde ho but pagg ch jma hi ghainttt kgde ho. I always want to see you in paggg.

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  19. Nancy

    Jan 02. 2016

    hai babu maan mai apki bahut badi fan hu your voice is very nicr apki sabhi mavies bahut achi hai ot maine dekhi hai aap singer ke sath ache insan hoho

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  20. sandy nain

    Jan 03. 2016

    I love maan shaab

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  21. Satnam

    Jan 07. 2016

    Kattar Fan of Babbu Mann. …..att. ..

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  22. Satnam Singh

    Jan 07. 2016

    Kattar Fan of Babbu Mann. …..att. ..
    lub youuuuuu. …

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  23. kamal

    Jan 14. 2016

    siraaaaaaaaaaaa maan saab

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  24. talwinder singh

    Jan 16. 2016

    Bai siraaa hi ho tuci but gun those song jive pyas tape Wang saoun Di jhadi Wang ne we rhe

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  25. Dilsher, (Muktsar)

    Jan 23. 2016

    Babbu Mann ji Tusi Hashar 2 bnao …. superhit hovegi. ..request a ji. .

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  26. gurpal

    Jan 24. 2016

    mai ta 4 saal da c jdo da y babbu maan nu sun rea luv u maan saab….

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  27. Suresh

    Jan 27. 2016

    saah mukk Jaande Geet Na Mukde

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  28. Rajneesh Ghiloria

    Jan 29. 2016

    i am big fan of BABBU MAAN R PENDU***

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  29. Harsimran Aulakh

    Jan 30. 2016

    I love you maan saab mai choote hunde toh e tuhada fan va mere kol tuhadi ek ek chiz payi song pics tuhadi biography sarri I luv you alott raab tuahdi lammi ummar kare yuhnu eda taraki de rahh vall rabb ji khal de rehn

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  30. Gurjent singh

    Feb 01. 2016

    Maan saab g m aap da bhot wada fan ha mar aap nu jendge which melna da supna ha asha ha ke aap esnu jarur pra kroga mann saab g aap hasar 2 kado bano g sanu odek ha aap fan gurjent singh

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  31. bhawan

    Feb 03. 2016

    Mae maan Saab da bhut bda fan ha . Mae morinda to ha . Te bhut vari y de pind gya motor te v ja kye behthe aa . But mera bad luck v Mae y nu hle tk mil Ni skea . Mere sare veer ik vari y de pind jarur ja kye auna , y ne att krayi v aa pind .

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  32. pintu sethi

    Feb 06. 2016

    my babbu 22 is 2 ghaint my favorite sinnger

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  33. pintu sethi

    Feb 06. 2016

    Babbu 22 ji mai aap ji nu ik vaar milna chahunda haa mai Abohar (punjab) to haa

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  34. pintu sethi

    Feb 06. 2016

    mai fan haa babbu maan saab ji da maan saab is 2 ghaint

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  35. example my ass 2

    Feb 10. 2016

    I have two computers: I call one the “good” computer — it has two monitors. The other is my “junk” computer with one screen where I download a lot of stuff to it.. . If I wanted to continue using both computers but only with the dual monitors, what would I need to buy? Is there some sort of splitter I can buy that will allow me to switch between each CPU? Where can I buy one if it does in fact exist? Will I still be able to use one mouse and keyboard?.

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  36. Sandeep singh kainth

    Feb 11. 2016

    Maan Beimaan na kiha kro tusi Mahaan Maan Ho slaam aa tuhadi soch nu I love u mai tuhanu rooh nal sunda live vich do show dekhe tuhade bss akhaa vich ghumde Ho tusi chann chaani song te tuhada dance baut dil nu lgda kde kde mai copy krn di kosish v krda mai chunda koi time eda da hove tusi kite mil jao ta ik dil di reej poori Ho jao sunda ta mai pehli tape to hi aa prr Hun 2007 to baad ta Milan to aas layi baitha Ik vaar mil jao kite live ch rooh tarsi pyi aa tuhada sach much vich kattad fan Sandeep Jahangir to j kite kde eh msg Mille ta jaror yaad rakhyo slaam Maan Saab

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  37. Ayaz Dhakkar

    Feb 13. 2016

    Hi maan saab mai aap ka fan hoo aap see milna chata hoo luv u babbu maan ji

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  38. att singh

    Feb 14. 2016

    no.1 singer in punjab

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  39. aman sharma

    Feb 16. 2016

    Maan saab l love you me thoda bhout fan aa me thode bhout song sunda thoudi singing ta aaattttt aa thodi singing to bad end aa I love maan saab

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  40. Aqib Rajput

    Feb 21. 2016

    Dosto aa gea Babbu bhai DA 1 hor fan main Pakistan ton Han ty Babbu bhai dy songs sun ky 1 result kadya are ky aes bandy NY songs hammesa ee reality ty boly NY
    God bless you long life mery Khant Waly MaaN…………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  41. kashif

    Feb 28. 2016

    Love you babu maan gee aik bar zarur milna ha app sa app mery one of most best singer ho…. main pakistan punjab sa hon babu maan gee.

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  42. deep

    Mar 05. 2016

    i like only babbu maan and i love u babbu maan

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  43. Kaler

    Mar 18. 2016

    Happy Brday Vadde Baii Rabb Tainu Chardii Kalla Vich Rakhey . .
    Happy Brdayt ✨💥🎉💫🎊🎆
    #Kattad_Fans . . Babu Maan De Pishe Pagal . . 😘

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  44. Jasveer mann

    Mar 19. 2016

    Babbu mann g me & meri femily de tusi faivrate ho g aur mu birthday v 18march da hai i am very happy veer

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  45. vikash kaushik

    Mar 21. 2016

    Babbu maan have pain voice that touch heart….

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  46. jatinder singh

    Mar 23. 2016

    Babbu paji sat shri akal…….ma v songs likhda ha per ma kisse v singer tak pahunch nai sakda……ho sake ta tusi mera ik song hi gaa devo….ma app g da bahut dhanvadi hovanga……jive tusi darshan lakhewal g nu singer bna diitta….. Minnu v geetkar bna deo… kafi songs likhe ne per mera hun dil jeha tut gea ha… Je kr tusi help kro te shyad ma dubara songs likh ska……….

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    Mar 25. 2016

    maan shab ma rohtak ( HARYANA) sa hun or apka fan hun Aap rohtak aye si naye saal ta tab sirf apko dekhne or sunne ka liye tractor ta gye si

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  48. gurjeet singj

    Mar 28. 2016

    Love u Babbu bai g ..tuhade geet sadi rooh di khurak ne .love love love love love u

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  49. harinder khattra

    Mar 29. 2016

    Mann Saab attttt awww me tuhada bht bdaa faan aw

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  50. deep dhaliwal

    Mar 31. 2016

    hlo y babbu mann
    i like your singing and looking
    y jo tu song vich heek louna ga tan y sira e la dinna
    apa tan y 3 singer e sune de ne
    1. babbu maan
    2. gurdas maan
    3. kuldeep manak. mohamad sadiq

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  51. manav dhillon

    Apr 17. 2016

    Hor 22 ki hall ne tuhade

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  52. Bubby singh

    Apr 21. 2016

    Sat sri akal lagend babu maan bai rabb tohanu meri umar deve g keonki tohade karke hi aj d nojwan peedi nu kuj sikhan nu milna g te Punjab de itihas bage pta lagda bai. Bot maan aa tohanu milna da bt m ta real ch v dekhn nu tarsgea g lv joo aa bai 8295592092

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  53. yash sharma

    Apr 24. 2016

    maan sir i am from rajasthan me apka bahut bada fan hun jab tak din me apka song nahi sunta tab tak need nahi ati hai love you maan bhai

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  54. Rajat sharma Rv

    Apr 25. 2016

    I great fan of you.i meet you sir.the next show us come i see show.i sing all song and movie sir.

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  55. Preet DhilloN

    May 02. 2016

    Babbu maan zindabad. My favourite singer Babbu maan phaji. From Preet DhilloN

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  56. Kharoud satnam

    May 02. 2016

    I love you B M G
    I LIKE You

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  57. preet maan

    May 04. 2016

    maan saab sirrrrrrrraaaaaaa luv yy …..

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  58. mann

    May 04. 2016

    IIIIII IOVEEEEEE UUUUUUU my babbu maannnnnn

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  59. Guri mann

    May 05. 2016

    I love your voice and style de Guri Mann

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  60. Ranveer singh

    May 07. 2016

    Babbu ne aapni sadgi nal te aapne likhe songs nal sare sroteyan nu pura parbhavit kita /
    Babbu 22 ji I’m big fan of u
    Ik vari tuhanu miln di chaht h

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  61. Jagjit singh

    May 07. 2016

    ਨਾ ਫੈਨ ਕੁਮਾਰ ਦਾ ਨਾ ਫੈਨ ਖਾਣ ਦਾ
    ਗੋਰਾ ਫੈਨ ਖੰਟਵਾਲੇ ਮਾਨ ਦਾ…

    Reply to this comment
  62. Jagjit singh

    May 07. 2016

    Sira Mann sab

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  63. gopy sandhu

    May 12. 2016

    Hello bai ji kida thik ho tuse

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  64. sartaj sandhu

    May 14. 2016

    Sat sri akal ji

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  65. Name (required)

    May 17. 2016

    Sch likhda te sch hi gaunda ae..taa hi ta ithe bs mAAn sunya janda u maan saab

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  66. Sunil mohna

    May 17. 2016

    Sariyo gall mann lu me teri bibba pr gana ta babbu maan da hi bjjuga …legend maan lots of love

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  67. navdeep

    May 24. 2016

    I’m the fan of babbu maan

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  68. mohit barwala pkl

    May 26. 2016

    Appa ta gal karna chaunde ha9478888831

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  69. mandeep

    May 28. 2016

    My name is mandeep and high level the fan in babu maan

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  70. himanshu

    Jun 12. 2016

    Babbu mann ji ma himanshu kakaliya jammu ronna a ma thoyada bara wadda faann a aur tuhada sabtu acha gana manu tupka tupka……..

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  71. Gurdip Singh Maan

    Jun 23. 2016

    Sat shri aqaal veer ji

    Reply to this comment
  72. Ashi Sheokand

    Jun 23. 2016

    tu kive saanh lendi h maan to bina
    jaan nikaldi jandi h meri maan to bina…
    l love babbu maan

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  73. virkamloh

    Jun 25. 2016

    veere big fan of u

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  74. Lakhvinder singh

    Jul 03. 2016

    Bai jnab babbu maan g m apka bhut bda fan hu or apki umar bhut lambi ho or muje apka mere dil wich tera kar ye song bhut acha lgta h
    Jinda ro bhai babbu maan

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  75. Amy Bedi

    Jul 04. 2016

    22appa ta fann ha Babbu maan da maan sab warga na koi hai na koi hoye ga ghar ghar putt jamda Babbu Maan warga na ta koi aya na koi aye ga Maan sab Zindabaad

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  76. bhupender

    Jul 05. 2016

    babu mann veer ji real singer ne .te her song realty te gaya hoya h jo hun her ek naal gujer rhi aa…..

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  77. sagar

    Jul 05. 2016

    nice babbu bhaji

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    Jul 08. 2016



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  79. jaskarn maan

    Jul 16. 2016

    my favorite singer babbu maan great singing style bro

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  80. lakhwinder singh

    Jul 20. 2016

    mere rab bai babbu maan ji nu mai maran to pehla ik vaar milna chauna hai g plessss manu 1-2 dina ch bai nal mila deo plesssssss mai apne rab nu ik vaar milna chauna plesssssss mila deo je kise kol no. hai ta manu no.he de deo plesssss ik vaar mila deooooooooooo

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  81. mandeep gurjar

    Jul 22. 2016

    Sir ji apko ek bar me apna gao me bulana he e mari jindgi ki akhri icha ha sir apki ijajat ho to gwalio mp bas apki ha ki jarurat h please sir

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  82. Neeraj Hooda

    Jul 24. 2016

    BABBU mann Bhai ji m Haryana se hu m aap ko bhut like krta hu m aap se Milna chata hu pr aap Ka address nhi h meray pass m aap ko apni sadi m bulan chata hu agr aap nhi aay to m sadi nhi kru ga y mera wada h aap se

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  83. Name (required)

    Jul 25. 2016


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  84. sekhon group mudki

    Jul 25. 2016

    na hoia na jagg te hona babbu maan warga koi

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  85. Raman

    Jul 25. 2016

    Love u maan sahib

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  86. rinku barhmi

    Jul 27. 2016

    Mann Saab apne aap ch ek khass ne… Ohna di kalam te awaaz dil nu shoo jandi awe… Jado koi tension ja problem hundi awe ta mann saab nu sun layi da… Thnkxxx god ek eda insaan punjabi maa boli di sewa kar reha jo dujeya diya takleefa nu apniya samjda awe… Mann Saab thode te maan awe… Jeounde wasde raho… Rinku barhmi thoda murder…

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  87. Prabhdeep

    Jul 28. 2016

    Love u maan Saab ji

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  88. sunny

    Aug 01. 2016

    I love you maan saad tusi sunao whatsapp ta eed kar lo sir ji plz mai thudi fan ha plz ans me

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    Aug 04. 2016

    Me haryane see hun. Me Babbu maan ka bahut bada fan hun.par pta NAHI BABBU JI KO KYA HUA AB NEW SONG NAHI NIKAL RAHE

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  90. dharampreet singh sidhu

    Aug 09. 2016

    kattad fan of babbu maan

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  91. fan babbu maan da preet

    Aug 09. 2016

    my life is only babbu maan i love u maan sabb malk maan sabb nu chardikla ch rakhe i like all songs of babbu maan rhe mera khant wala maan vasda

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  92. manpreet singh

    Aug 10. 2016

    veer sacheee i likee uu uu soo gd singr actor u have good attitude nd love for child nd their remembr people i like uu soo munchh veer rabb tuhanu trakyea bakhse

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  93. harminder mann

    Aug 12. 2016

    Mann g love u my big bro

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  94. Kirtan waraich

    Aug 13. 2016

    ਬਸ ਦਿਲ ਦੀ ਇੱਕੋ ਰੀਜ਼ ਪਗਾਉਨੀ ਅਾ # Selfie_”ਬੱਬੂ_ਮਾਨ”_ ਨਾਲ ਖਿੱਚਾਉਨੀ ਆ😉😉 lv u veere

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  95. Navdeep singh

    Aug 15. 2016

    I love babbu maan very much

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  96. Davinder maan

    Aug 15. 2016

    Beimaan da me bhut takda fan aw. Mere ustad ne maansaab .i hope ohh menu jrur kalakar bnaun ge.

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  97. gurditt singh

    Aug 18. 2016

    Love you maan sahb

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  98. kawal

    Aug 20. 2016

    Love you babbu mann

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  99. kawal

    Aug 20. 2016

    Love you babbu mann sir

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    Aug 24. 2016

    Bhai shaab mh
    ROHTAK (HARYANA) sh hu.
    Age sh 20 saal or nam sh DEEPAK urf Shiva…
    JATT fan sh tera bhai…
    Bhai mhh terh song or lagbagh sarh LIVE SHOW dakhta hu , din mh 1-2 ghanta aapkh gaanh jurrur sunta huu bhai..
    JATT life mh 3na ka fan hoya sh
    ( BABBU MAAN ,
    Sanjay Duth
    Arr BHOLA ka yani Shiv..)

    JATT nh purrh govh mh BABBU Maan kya krh bhai.
    Uu th bhai aapnnh mh har roj dakh or sunh lu su , maggerr jindhgi mh jindhh ryh naa thh aap th jurur milugaa , per problem th yadh shh ak mnh bera na hota ki aap HARYANA kab aayo sho ..
    Nhi too kasam sh Jat khath k sarh kam chodh k aavh …

    Jatt terh style nh bhoot like krh shh maan shaab.

    Kish din time lagh jaa tho ROHTAK jrur aayhoo . Deepak Munganyia katti aagh pavh gaa ..
    Yaa phir aap aapne fans ko email kr diya kro jishsh voo aapkh live show ka hissa ban skhh .

    JATT dhi RAM RAM MAAN Shaab tnhh……

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  101. Jagdeep aman

    Aug 27. 2016

    Mann Saab asi tuhada bht bdaa faan aa

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  102. Pinder sidhu

    Aug 28. 2016

    Maan saab Mai thoda bhut vadda fan aww……Rabb thnu trakiya Bakshe….Nd eda e chardikala ch rakhe….lubuuu vr

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  103. sardool singh

    Sep 08. 2016

    Bhai ji namste m haryana se hu m apka bhut bada fan hu rabb apko mere be zindgi apke nam lgade.

    Mere yeh ardaas h god se

    Namste bhai ji

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  104. joginder nehra jaat

    Sep 13. 2016

    I like babba maan bhai ji

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  105. Rajbeer kaur

    Sep 13. 2016

    Babbu Maan is the real singer.we all love him.God bless him.

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  106. Mahender babbu

    Sep 27. 2016

    M aap ka bhut fan hu

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  107. navjot

    Sep 30. 2016

    Jede jede bai nu Babbu bai to milna ae,oo una de pind khantmaanpur vich aapdi motor te Sunday nu apne fans naal sanjha krde ne,jao aur milo

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  108. Mandeep sandhu

    Oct 06. 2016

    lal batiya di dhoss nahiyo jhalda ni jatt babbu maan varga
    i love babbu maan
    ghant fan khant waley maan da

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  109. mandeep kaur

    Oct 16. 2016 u so much maan j.pls me tuhda bht wait krdi aa .jd bhi tuhnu miln li jna hunda tuc forign chl jnde tuhnu milna aa…me har wqt waheguru age ards krdi aa mnu maan j mil.jn but pta ni kd wish puri hou…i hope…ki ik din wahevuru jrur milnge

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  110. mandeep kaur

    Oct 16. 2016

    Jindgi ch ik umedd hundi aa..apa jisnu bhi pasand krde aa..oh mil jnda but oh aa bharosa mnu blv aa me ik din jrur milugi..

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  111. Rohit Singh

    Oct 19. 2016

    I am big fan of babbu man Punjab ki Aahan ban and shan. Or paji thik ho kab Milo ge bhot din ho gaye apse mile Really I Miss You mY name Rohit Singh. I am from Delhi. Bhai please reply krr Yarr bass ek Barr.

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  112. Monika dagar

    Oct 19. 2016

    I like your voice.
    I like you..
    Thanxxx byyy & GoD byy

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  113. harpreet singh

    Oct 20. 2016

    bai ji ssa thoda prog krana bai g koi contact no nhi mil riha jina k jaande a net te matha marlia pr kujh v kdn paan nu ni koi no dio bai ji mera no 9592232044

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    Nov 04. 2016

    Babbu ji changa te wadiya gaonde ho isse layee lakhan akhan tuhadi deed diyan piyasian han. Keep on. Personal biodata zarur share karo.

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  115. navneet gujjar

    Nov 05. 2016

    Ek hi singer duniya ch jeda hik te jor de awaj kad da si ..isi vallo duniya te dillo te raj krda pya also like babbu mann.. so.rab tonu chardi kla ch rakhe mann sabb …

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  116. kamal

    Nov 11. 2016

    love you mann saab

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  117. Maninder maan

    Nov 16. 2016

    Love u soo much my big bro babbu maan….
    Ustaad g tuhde taa shuru to fan hon de nal nal apni family da mamber v smjde apna big bro…
    U r looking and singing awsm……tuhde mukable koi nhi .sooo i m proud of my big brother. ……
    Waheguru g tuhnu chrdi kalah ch rkhe lammi uner kre…..

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  118. Naveen devatwaal. Rajesthani

    Nov 21. 2016

    Babbu maan sir i am your fan my name is naveen ,and mujhe our meri maa ko apke sare gane bhut ache aour apki avaj aour apki persnelity bahut achi lagti hail ,main delhi main rehta hun your apke ghar ke pass chandighar main maire nana ji ka ghar hai mai saal main ek do baar yanha ata houn our main apse milna cahata hun (sir agar apke costly time main se aap mujhe fife minute de to mai apni dil ki baat apse kah sakunga please sir grant mee mujhe apna chota bhai ya apna fan samjna Thankyu sir mera topik padne ke lliye…..

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  119. Balwinder Singh Harike

    Nov 26. 2016

    Maan sab I love u
    U are good person Waheguru thonu lame umer dave

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